White Glove Delivery

For your business’s special needs, Bucephal USA offers white glove delivery services. Protect your valuable shipments and provide your customers with the best care. White glove delivery services offer a personal touch which is appreciated by your customers. Ensure your shipments arrive on time and offer convenience to your customers. White glove delivery services are idea for all types of products, including:

  • Furniture
  • Electronics
  • Fitness equipment
  • Appliances

White glove delivery services are also ideal for products which need special handling. Bucephal USA’s team of professional delivery drivers and coordinators learn the details and needs of your products to ensure proper and professional delivery to benefit your company as well as your customers.

Utilizing steady route services can save your business time and money. With Bucephal USA, you can set up your regularly occurring logistics services in advance; eliminate the hassle of calling and coordinating services every day. Coordinating steady route services in advance can also reduce your business’s transportation costs. If your business needs reoccurring services, take advantage of steady route transportation and gain the personal attention your business deserves.

How does white glove delivery work ?

With Bucephal USA’s white glove delivery services, your shipment will receive specialized care and setup. Our delivery agents carefully unload shipments and move them to the desired location, including up or down a maximum of two stair flights. White glove delivery services from Bucephal USA includes unpacking the items out of shipping boxes and packaging, as well as the convenient disposal of the packaging materials. White glove delivery can also offer removal of old items for your customers, depending on your needs. Bucephal USA can also offer set up and installation of your products at the customer’s location. Goods are also inspected for damage upon delivery to ensure product quality.

Benefits of white glove delivery

  • Offer enhanced delivery options for your products
  • Convenient set up for your customers
  • Ensure your goods are delivered with care
  • Prevent damage to products
  • Avoid unnecessary product returns

White glove delivery services are scheduled regularly throughout the week. We can schedule your customers’ white glove delivery services in advance within a 4-hour window for their planning and convenience. Provide the care your products deserve and the convenience your customers want through Bucephal USA’s white glove deliver services.